Buy Your Own Pop Band!
for the first time in the history of the entertainment business, there is a...

It's a first - even for show business! A successful pop band with dozens
of international Top 10's and No.1's in over 15 countries is actually for sale.

And we don't mean for sale as in, "hire them for your next festival".
No, we mean completely for sale as in:


- the buyer gets it all:

The Band - the Trademark - the Music
The Tour - the Record Deals - the Web Site
The Record Releases - the Plans - the Contacts
The Contracts - the Styling - the Catalogue
(all previous hits and recordings)
And of course… ... the opportunities… ... the future...

Rednex is one of the classic party bands that
emerged in the mid 90's. They have sold over
10 million records and scored No.1's with hits
such as Cotton Eye Joe, Old Pop In An Oak,
Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk etc.

In 2006/2007 they had another three gold-selling
Top 10's (Mama Take Me Home, Fe Fi & Anyway
You Want Me) and continued their never-ending
tour with nearly 100 performances. A new album
is being recorded and will be released in 2010.

Rednex is on sale - right now!

The starting bid is - $ 2.900.000

(2.9 million US Dollars)

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Price history:

November 2009 - $ 2.900.000 (new album release expected)
January 2009 - $ 1.900.000 (change of band)
May 2008 - $ 1.200.000 (band conflicts & financial crisis)
April 2007 - $ 1.500.000 (original eBay bid)

Just when the world's high society is running out of football teams to buy, ideas for extravagant vehicles to build or available seats on space travel, luckily for them the music business comes to the rescue! It sets a bizarre milestone in terms of what its artistry can offer and what hobbies can be provided for the rich and hungry.

Buying a pop band opens up opportunities to make a hayload of money and peek behind the scenes of an exclusive branch. Rednex is touring around the world, making dozens of TV & Radio performances yearly, doing shows at galas, sport arenas and festivals, from city celebrations in front of 1 million people to orphanages, and even for royalty at their private palaces in front of 30 people.

Rednex are recording videos and documentaries and are frequently recording in studios, where they have been produced by the producers of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, 'NSync, Celine Dion and Bon Jovi.

And due to the highly characteristic nature of the music, the songs of Rednex often participate in films. The Negotiator (1998) featuring Samuel Jackson & Kevin Spacey is one of several Hollywood productions using Rednex's country dance tracks to energize their pictures.

A song from Rednex was also chosen for the lead track in the cartoon Winnietou, which went on to become the most successful children's TV-series in 2004 in Germany - a country where Rednex still holds the record as the artist with the most total weeks at No.1 on the Singles Chart in the past 30 years, with 25 weeks (No.2 is Modern Talking with 19 weeks).

Other recent features are Snoop Dogg's movie "Hood Of Horror" and famous TV series My Name Is Earl and Malcolm In The Middle.

In 2006, two tracks from Rednex were featured in the animated movie Barnyard (voices by Danny Glover, Andie MacDowell) which became a US Top 10 box office success. The songs were hand-picked by director Steve Oedekerk (Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty) and musical supervisor Karyn Rachtman (Pulp Fiction). The film was released in Europe in 2007.

Rednex has achieved gold status on 13 different releases spanning over a 15 year period. They have sold gold in all major territories - USA, UK, Japan, France and Germany. The classic party smash hit "Cotton Eye Joe" is still frequently heard on dance floors, sports arenas and after-ski bars around the world, and will generate income for generations to come.

What exactly is for sale?

The buyer will get 100% of the shares to the Swedish company Rednex AB (equivalent to Ltd.), which owns the band, the trademark, all recordings, all contracts and negotiating rights and is in full power of the artistry. Rednex AB is owned today by 3 individuals who founded the group and who have personally initiated this world's first online sale of a pop band, as well as this web site.

Rednex AB has been spotlessly run for 15 years, is debt free and carrying open books, which will be made fully available for the buyer. The company holds an administrative responsibility towards royalty holders on previous recordings. The running administrative costs average $ 4,000-5,000 in total per year.

The owner of Rednex AB has, as he pleases, the right to record, release, style, tour and manage one of the most successful party bands of our time. The owner will also own the band, which actually works in a similar way to a company. Over the years performers have come and gone as employees. Rednex, the band, has had 15 performers all in all during the years (though never more than 5 at the same time).

Rednex is free to sign new record deals in all territories for upcoming releases. The first three albums are licensed by BMG UK, and the complete catalogue of the masters will return to Rednex AB in 2017.

Partners of Rednex AB:
Attorney, Administration & Accounting - Denander & Grahl
Revision - SET Revivion
Bank - Svenska Handelsbanken

To view the trademark registration in the Register of Community Trade Marks for EU, click here.

How do I bid?

If you want to make history and get your name in all future encyclopedias as the first person ever to buy a No.1 pop band, start bidding now! Bids are made to the owners (email address below). Bids are accepted now. All offers will be treated anonymously.


To submit bids, contact us via the email address shown below.

If you wish an interview with the owners, to speak or meet with us or get more information, please email us (address below) and state your business. To interview the band, please visit for more information.

There is no business like show business!

Pop Band For Sale!

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